Taking Charge

I have always felt a little depressed and had anger issues....but these past few months everything has been increasing. I have found myself each day getting more angry with the world and depressed at my failures in life.

I realized that I can't keep living like this. I am going to take steps forward. I met with the doctor just yesterday and got prescribed depression and anxiety pills. It will take about 2-3 weeks before I feel the effects of the pills, but at least I finally took the first step.

I just got a full-time job so after I pay my debt, I plan on doing things to help relieve stress and deal with my emotions. I plan on seeing a psychologist once a week and working out with my friend twice a week (my friend lives pretty far so it uses a lot of gas...so I need money). I will probably work out more than twice a week, but it all else fails, I will have my set days with my friend to keep me accountable.

I also love animals so on my weekends I hope to either work at a doggy day care place where I can do something I love and get paid....if not, maybe I will volunteer. I feel it will make me a happier person. I can't have a pet of my own right now where I live, so it's the next best thing. I love animals!
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Congratulations on taking these important steps. If you continue to adhere to this action based state of thinking, your future looks very bright indeed.