Today I Don't Feel Like Talking, But Tomorrow I Will Regret It.

Anxiety and depression are partners in crime. They take away my motivation to socialize and make me fearful of things that don't matter.
If i don't talk to you it doesn't mean i am stuck up or shy it is just that i am trying hard not to hide. Everyday i battle and finally get a burst of confidence to make small talk then i get that weird awkward feeling and withdraw.
I mine as well be on the outside cause i don't understand how to converse even though i try to. This makes no sense.
When i am depressed i lose sight of my goals. It confuses and distracts me, it also tells me that i am not where i want to be as far as life goes.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

I also feel awkward when talking to someone sometimes too. I'm very socially awkward. Don't worry about it :)

holy sh*t! i almost forgot I wrote this story. Thankyou for the response!
but yeah, I just can't really talk much to people I see, somehow my mind goes blank.

That sounds like it'd get quite annoying. For me I think of things I can say, but I always feel like I say it wrong, so I make it all awkward and such.