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I was diagnosed with bi polar 2 disorder and a anxiety disorder 3 years ago, I did the usual. Got meds went into therapy and nothing worked got even more meds and 3 suicide attempts later. I went off all my meds and for the first time in years I felt normal again.
This year however I started have one setback after the other. In January i was diagnosed with mono resistant TB, we tried treating it with medication but it had damaged a section of my lung. So we made the decision to remove that lobe of the lung to give me a fighting chance.
In March I was let go from my job for poor job performance apparently but i still think its because of my illness. I was given a 3 month package at least.
The procedure was done in June to remove the section of the lung. The op was a success if you can call it that.
3 weeks after the op I started to develop a Neuropathy( nerve damage) its reversible but not as long as I am on the tb medication, that another 13 months.
Throughout all of this I thought i was doing well emotionally, but the cracks where starting to show again. I don't have a very supportive partner and had to go through this alone.
So yesterday I found out he had been seeing somebody else for a few weeks, and he wants me to move out this week. For the first time in years I broke down and ended up in the emergency room so they could just calm me down. It came pouring from me like a river. The pain the betrayal the anguish.
I have not been able to work after the op with all the complications. I really have no place to go and I dont know what to do. The thought of taking my own life has been on my mind constantly.
I am a shadow of who I was.
InfiniteSadness InfiniteSadness
26-30, M
Sep 24, 2012