My Boyfriend Is Going To Leave Me If I Don't Get Help.

The love of my life says he's going to leave me if i dont get help for my depression. I've told him many times that i can't afford a therapist, or to even pay the copay to go to the doctors. I've tried many things myself, teaching myself. It works for a little bit but then i go straight back into my depression, sometimes even worse. i also just recently discovered I'm possibly bipolar with anger issues. I can't live like this anymore. I may lose the only thing that keeps me alive. But i really don't blame him for wanting to leave me because i have so many issues, that are so hard to control on my own. I can't even hardly eat anything anymore because whenever i'm alone i just cry and can't do anything else. I am usually alone at work, and i just cry most of the time. I can see my boyfriend is frustrated. I think he doesn't want to break up with me cause he thinks i'll kill myself....I don't even know what to do anymore, I really just want to die because i'm not doing any good for anyone.
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You will get the help you need as soon as you pick up the phone. You let your boyfriend hold your hand and take you into the clinic. You immediately get on your computer and do a search for free Mental Health then put in your city. There's free Mental Health Clinics all over this county. You can and will afford free services. While your at it throw in a little bit of counseling that's available to you also. Don't you dare put this off because it's no way for a human being to live. I went years suffering from depression. My husband and I didn't know I was suffering from depression. It wasn't till I was in my forty's when I started taking Wellburtin that there was an immediate change for me and I felt normal for the first time in my life. I grateful every day when I take that little pill knowing my day will be a normal one or as close as it can get. We have a chemical imbalance in our brain that needs medication. Just think how wonderful it's going to be to take that little pill and have your life change before your eyes. Do NOT PUT this off. Do not alow yourself to suffer another day from this decease. It's a very sad, lonely and dark place to be. Get yourself into one of the many free Mental Health Clinics. No excuses any more for you. They want to help you.

what do you mean by "copay"?.....doesn't everyone have access to medical care? must seek out a dr.'s help, no matter what...never mind for your b/f, but if you are bi-polar you need meds to help you

A copay is something you pay before going into an appt. it usually is 20 -40 dollars depending on your insurance. not everyone can get health care because a lot of doctors don't accept patients without insurance is key. And it's hard for me to pay a 30 dollar copay 3-4 times a month to go to a doctor and therapist, PLUS paying medication.