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I'I've been depressed my whole life but didn't know that what I was suffering from. My husband just thought I would never be a happy person.  He loved me any way.  When I was in my forty's I started taking Wellburtin and almost immediately there was a change for me and that was good.  The first time in my life I felt normal and it was an awesome felling.  And to think I went all those years living in depression it was a tough life. I stay on top of my Meds and if they seem to have stopped working I'm in that Doctor's office.  I don't play around with this.  It's very common for the antidepressants to stop working.  I have now gone though quite a few.  There's plenty of new drugs out there to take care of our depression so don't slack in your medical care.  No one deserves to suffer from depression. It's not any fault of ours that we are depressed it's that we have a chemical imbalance in our brain. You can fix it with a wonderful pill daily, Maybe one should also talk to a psychiatrist.  Done that to.  A psychologist knows all the drugs that are available for depression. There's help out there for us.  I'm thankful every day when I pop that pill down that I'll be living a normal life as close as I can get.  No one wants to see us suffer from this decease. It's a sad, lonely  and cruel decease if left unattended. Everyone is happy for me that I'm able to take a pill to change my life so much.  My anxiety falls under the same format take the pill.  My anxiety levels are really high and without that pill I couldn't't function.  My drugs allow me to live a life for the most part in comfort.
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I see nothing wrong with meds for depression and anxiety. My problem is trying to find the right for me. I take minimal drugs right now. I think it all depends on the individual. Some people do great on prescription treatment while others do better with counseling. Then there are those who do best with a combo. So I don't judge those who take meds. What works for them is what's important. Kudos to you for being able to fight the depression with meds. :)

Thank you for your story! I feel that sometimes people judge others on meds as being weak. I had been given a dose increase earlier this year (after 3 years on Zoloft) which I took for about 6 months and then got so lethargic and depressed that I went back to my original smaller dose. I felt better for a month or two but the last week have had major anxiety and just yesterday decided to fill my prescription for the larger dose. After reading your story I feel a glimmer of hope that I had done the right thing! And to think I was going to talk to my doctor about coming off completely! I will however still chat to my doctor about my meds soon. I am sure I will be able to get my life back on track. Thank you.

Thank you for your story. I already am taking mediciene and lots of them, but I have been resistent. My psychiatrist has been helping me find the right medication for over a year and it is discouraging and very expensive. Your letter does help another reminder I'm not doing this alone. Sometimes other people can help ease the fog in my life :)