I Need Advice

Hello all. I have not been diagnosed with anxiety or depression however, I do believe I have it. How did you all go about this? I do not want to live like this anymore but, don't know how to take the first step. This has been affecting my everyday life.
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good advice from other posters here. See a doctor. If you have any questions write them down to ask your doctor. Questions about meds, treatment options, support groups, etc... anything that comes to mind - write it down. That way you will be prepared when you talk to him/her. Doctors' offices usually have information about depression/anxiety treatment. They can direct you to counselors/therapists and what numbers to call (i.e. hotlines). They are a good jumping point for seeking help.

When depression and anxiety crept up on me I didn't know what was happening either. I ended up crashing and crashing hard. A friend brought me to a counselor, but alot of people start with their family doctor. Good luck!! You already did the first step you acknowledged it

yeah and i feel angry sometimes as well idk if that is normal. sometimes i feel the anxiety for no reason. when i am put in a stressful situation or something stressful to me, it makes me angry too?