Another Day

I've had depression and anxiety just over 2 years now. Some times it gets alright, but most days its feelings of worthlessness, lonliness and a whole heap of other feelings that i cant even explain and it's exhausting to talk and write about, let alone think in my head about it.
The anxiety gets me the worse, it just comes on randomly, doctors appointments, waiting for the train, eating. Feeling like it sits in my chest creeps up my throat and crumbles and forms into a massive ball and just sits there and i cant breathe, feels like someone is choking me.

Feeling rejected by everyone, friends too.

I dont think im good enough. And i feel like people hate me. I know its in my head... but how can you deny something that takes over you ? I'm constantly fighting in my head.

Its time i just snap out of it. I need to get over this. It has to happen soon, ive tried everything.

Please someone give me some advice, i dont know what to do anymore and I cant go back to hurting myself. I wont let it be an option.

valentina5 valentina5
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Try to find a therapist who has sufficient training in CBT. It's helping me a lot. It's still a struggle but it's getting better. You are still very young. You'll find your way of coping with these horrible feelings that overtake you. Don't get discouraged.

Thank you :)

You said-''I cant go back to hurting myself''. and you dont make it be an option. If you can think that way then I consider you to be strong & having strength to overcome your problems. You must see that there are numerous people who at the verge of killing themselves have recovered successfully and lived happily, meaningfully.....You can do it.

I just hope it passes and i dont fall into it ever again. I feel like the more episodes i have the more easily i can get into it. If that makes sense?