The Demon

Darkness and dread. Fear and apprehension. Frustration and anger.

Since adolescence I've battled the "demon"...the word "demon" referring to the description above, not any outside mystical-evil force. The "demon" comes from within.

I've had successes staving off the darkness throughout my life, but it persists nonetheless. To make a long story short, I'm approaching in crisis...feelings of going nowhere fast. Currently taking anti-anxiety medication as of two weeks ago. Helpful, but not a cure-all.

This point in my life the "demon" has attacked with a vengeance as never before. This time it turned me into a hypochondriac. Every little ache, pain, sore is now suspect as to being something life-threatening, or something that will alter my life in the negative permanently. Been going on for months.

Hoping for relief without medication. I want to kill the dark part of myself, the "demon". I want the bright part of me to surface again...and take up permanent residence.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

May this site give you a ray of sunshine. Thank you for sharing your story