Screaming For Help.

I was first diagnosed with anxiety when I was 10 years old. I was scared to use stoves, touch knives, anything potentially dangerous I wouldn't go near. After therapy for awhile it went away. Two years later I was sitting on the couch when my heart started pounding, it felt so unreal. I felt like the world was ending. I was sweating and ran to my mom. It was my first panic attack of many. Now 3 years later and my anxiety is even worse. I know im depressed too. I've been skipping class just so I don't have to talk to people. I feel like everyone is watching me. My mom doesn't understand. I wish I was dead. My anxiety runs my life, not me. I'm not a shy person but my anxiety has made me that way! Im funny, and I love talking! I just don't know why no one cares, I'm begging for help and I get nothing! I can tell the end for me is near. I can't handle this much longer. Life is just too scary and stressful for me, being only 15 years old. I just want to feel safe for once. I hope there's a heaven for me. Anxiety will bring me to my death.
Sarahmarie12 Sarahmarie12
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Sarah Marie,
I have a 19 yr old daughter who suffers from the same problems.It took courage for her to reveal that she was cutting herself and contemplating suicide at 16. Your Mother is not reacting, because, she may blame herself for your feelings, or not know how to help you.
You need to calmly sit down with her and discuss seeing a psychiatrist and possibly a therapist. The psychiatrist will prescribe medication, if necessary. The therapist will listen you and suggest coping skills, not advise.
I realize you are in pain and crying for help, but please consider my suggestion and my experience. You are not alone. Please ask your Mom to get you the help you need.