Just A Small Update After A Long, Long Absence . . .

Those meds they had me on were awful & dangerous (as I figured out) to me in many ways. A diagnosis they had given me has now been removed. (I'm at a different clinic now.) I was misdiagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). They were WRONG!!!!! It was the meds that caused what they said were "signs" that I had it. Not ONE doctor even thought to look through all my records to realize this. It took ME to finally figure it out. There are people that, for one reason or another, just cannot take anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, or any psychotropic medications. I am one of them - and they never checked - they just kept giving me more meds and different combos and I kept getting worse and worse. That should have been a Big clue that I should not be on them - duh - and I'm not a doctor.

I'm still pursuing the abuse by the Mental Health Therapist as well as SO MUCH more that took place - it was all positively WRONG! The hospital/clinic is receiving citations from one government agency that investigated. So far it's just for handling my grievance improperly - but it's a start. I send at least one "Complaint" email per week to two agencies so that each complaint is a separate investigation. I also was called by the Governor's office and given a name and number there to call if I need help. It's gonna be a long haul AND very difficult, especially since I cannot take the meds I do need, but I'm determined to make sure that all that has happened to me will never happen to anyone else.

Mentally ill does NOT automatically mean delusional and definitely does not mean "liar". I'm researching ALL my records - mental and physical - and I am finding out A LOT!!!!

Wish me luck in my endeavor to protect others and, to be honest, seek justice for myself. Sure wish I could have my website up that I had about all that was taking place but . . . 
tmkgls tmkgls
46-50, F
Dec 8, 2012