When Others Ask Why...

Does anyone else shut down when others ask why you're depressed? Today my father asked me why and all I could say is "I don't know."
Half the time, I don't even know why im depressed. I mean, I could be fine n then all of a sudden im just sad and it wont be because im thinking of something depressing. So how can I explain myself to others who want to understand why I feel the way I do? My father thinks im not telling the truth and then launches into an assumption as to why he thinks im depressed. And I just let him assume, cause then I don't have to explain why, I can just let him think what he wants. Idk. Idk if anyone else has this happen to them, but I figured I'd share this n see.
launica87 launica87
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I dont know either....everyday im depressed for no reason....i even wake up mad its just stuck to me...i need help

I hear you...I know there's a few reasons as to why I am but even when I don't think about it I still get down in my feelings. I be wakin up mad too...you def ain't alone there..