My Mother

I've recently been battling anxiety and depression again, after years of being without it. What a horrible feeling it is to have thoughts like these return again. I worry about so many irrational things. Like what if i suddenly lost my entire memory and I completely forgot who I was, or where I am. I'll just get caught up in these thoughts for hours and hours sometimes. Anyways, I think I've been getting a little better lately but my mother constantly brings me back down.

My mother is a worrier just like me, and I can tell she is constantly worrying about me because I've been feeling like this again. I know this is normal of a mother, but it really just makes me more worried. When I see she is worrying about me, or she tells me things like,"You seem so anxious lately, is everything okay? I'm worried about you" it ultimately just makes me more worried about myself. It destroys any self-confidence I had that I was feeling better. I begin to start second guessing myself that I am improving. I'll tell myself things like, "Mom is right, I'm really not feeling any better. I'm never going to get better from this. She can tell how distraught I really am." I haven't told her yet how I feel because I feel like it won't change anything. Hopefully I will be able to build up the courage and make her more aware of what she is doing.
jrocha3 jrocha3
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2013