Good Feelings - January 13

When we talk about feelings in recovery, we often focus on the troublesome trio - pain, fear, and anger. But there are other feelings available in the emotional realm - happiness, joy, peace, contentment, love, closeness, and excitement.

It's okay to let ourselves feel pleasurable feelings too.

We don't have to worry when we experience good feelings; we don't have to scare ourselves out of them; we don't have to sabotage our happiness. We do that, sometimes, to get to the more familiar, less joyous terrain.

It's okay to feel good. We don't have to analyze, judge, or justify. We don't have to bring ourselves down, or let others bring us down, by injecting negativity.

We can let ourselves feel good.

Today, I will remind myself that it is my right to feel as good as I can. I can have many moments of feeling good; I can find a balanced place of feeling content, peaceful, and good.

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie ©1990, Hazelden Foundation.
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Reading this was helpful more me today

Keeva, negating “other feelings available in the emotional realm” resonate with me so well. Based on my upbringing, there’s much for me to unlearn to make room for happiness, joy, peace, contentment, love, closeness, and excitement.

I love your stories. I have a lot of unlearning to do.
Why does negativity stay with you more than the positive

Me too. The author is Melody Beattie. I'm thankful she shares insights from her amazing personal journey.