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My place of work was robbed at gun point by gang members. They robbed employees, customer, and me. They stuck the gun in my mouth when I open up the safe. They told me if I called the cops they would come back and kill me. Of course I called the cops. They get caught but two weeks later other members of the gang come back to the store and shot me 9 times within 10 ft with 45 caliber. I come out with 12 bullet holes though out my body because they went in & out of my body. I end up in the hospital over a month. The day I get out of the hospital I have to live at my mother's house till I finished rehab for my injuries. That night someone calls my house and says that they are going to come to my mothers house and finish me & family off. So my mother and I move out of the house that night into a gated apartment. Month later I go to my former work place to show them im ok and return the keys and get my personal stuff, the store catchings on fire that night. The gang members involved with the shooting get caught later on. I end up the only one that would testify about the robbery because everyone else was to scared. I was terrified, they had other gang members and family there which all stared me down. I had a huge panic attack now all them know what I look like. That night we get another threat on the phone. We have to keep this phone # because its my mothers work #. Four gang members get a good long sentence but when the judge told them all the threats to my family will end today, all them rolled their eyes & murmured laughs. My mother moved back to the house after 9 months, she devoted catholic and says if it time God will be there. I had to move back within 14 months because I spent so much on this very secured apartment and i'm broke. So now I live in my house which the gang members know.There is other little things that happened that during this time that would mess up most people. That's just more crap that I have to deal with.
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I'm so sorry what you've been through and continue to face!! What an amazing story! I honestly don't know what I would do in your situation, maybe just scrape up money by pawning everything, and hire a hit. I'm sick of laws and judges that bend over backward to protect criminals, leaving victims bleeding in the dirt! Law enforcement must operate these days with one hand tied behind their back!

Has the news media heard your whole story? It seems like something a reporter might want to do a story on to get some career recognition. A good human interest piece might help to:

1. deter gang members if lots of publicity causes the public to really pay attention and notice who these people are, where they hang out, their family, etc

2. make police and city leaders feel the heat from the public

3. make the public fed up so they will decide to name names

4. get threats (not crimes already tried) put on "crimestoppers" type promo on TV, so that people can call anonymously if they know or see something

If all your local media are a bunch of lazy, pimply-faced, liberal arts majors who couldn't pass a 10th grade grammar test (many "media" these days), then contact people with cajones like Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, Gov Huckabee, etc. One thing for sure, you can't fight them alone, it's too dangerous. I'll pray that you can find a group or organization to be an advocate for you!