I'm Done.

I'm at a point where i am done with life. I can't do it anymore. Nothing has helped my depression. Everyone thinks i can just get over it. I don't want to kill myself but I hope a semi-truck comes crashing into me or something today. No one takes me seriously about my depression. I've been crying for 3 hours straight...since i woke up...and i cried for 2 hours before i went to bed. I can't miss anymore work, but how am i supposed to take car of dogs while i feel like i'm dying inside. I don't know, but i just want it all to end.
djammin djammin
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

You need to try every option there is.

Acupuncture helped my depression SO much. Depression is an imbalance in the body, not just a chemical imbalance. PLEASE go see a chinese doctor, take herbs and get acupuncture often. It doesn't work instantly but within a few months, 6 months maximum you will be SO much happier.
Physical things can make depression worse-exercise daily, make sure your taking enough vitamins, eat healthy, get your blood tested to see if you are deficient in anything, meditate... Meditation is proven to help stress and depression.

Don't give up. Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes its amazing-don't let the hard times ruin your whole life.

Please see a doctor or therapist if you can. They are there to help, and some are even free.

I've definitely been there. Most people have no understanding of depression. They think that you'll be better if you just laugh, so go watch a comedy or how about a tickle fight? I know that's garbage. First, you've owned up to your feelings. Good! Now, don't suffer alone. I hope you are seeing a therapist frequently. If not, go! Depression can be a killer! There's something in you that still wants to fight and persist. Find out how to fight the right way and truly cope with the feelings by seeing a good mental health expert. When I was at my worst, I was seeing one for talk therapy and one for medication. I was very skeptical about the meds because I feared addiction. Turns out that they were a key part of my recovery and the addiction never happened.
You CAN MAKE IT! Get into the fight by getting that help. Message me if you need to talk to any one.

A lot of people don't take depression seriously, they think that people should simply snap out of it. It is an illness...would you ask someone with cancer to snap out of it? certainly not.

Wanting it all to end is sad, but take comfort in the fact that some part of you still wants to be alive. Take baby steps, get out of bed...shower...and see how it goes. Breaking the day down into small parts is a lot easier than trying to tackle life head on!