Scared, Anxious And Depressed

My doctor has had me on Viibryd for a month. I am seeing him today for him to see how it's been working. I can't complain, except for the cost (which I can't afford). I don't really want to end up on something I can't take the side effects from.

This all started when I was diagnosed with MS a couple months ago and started worrying about my job and future. At the same time, my wife is pregnant and anxious about *her* job. Neither one of us is doing well and we are trying to make sure it doesn't affect our 6-year old. I am not sure that is working.
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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

Wow. That's heavy. Do you have health insurance? You have legitimate stuff to be upset about. What's the rate of deterioration with your MS? Are their government programs that can help you? I can't blame either of you for not being super cheery. I'm not going to tell you to keep your chin up or patronizing **** like that. I guess for me, I'd derive some comfort from making plans. Once Obama Care comes into affect, you won't be denied insurance for a pre-existing condition. My heart goes out to you.