Are You Tired Too?

I'm tired of always fighting to put up a good front for others. Children,grandchildren and even grocery cashiers seem to want me to smile and feel great for them. I just want to rest and be left alone. Of course,I'm lonely for company also,is this crazy or what?

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Its even worse when you have to deal with rude customers. I work as a sales rep ,and from what i know i must always put a smile on my face all the time. You know the saying"customer is always right"**** that,today i almost beat up my supervisor and that bloody customer. Why must i always give my other cheek when someone slaps me. Its about time i did what i wanna do,and f **k the whole universe. Time to stand up to the bullies. I've had enough,Im so fed up

I am tired too! We both must be crazy because that's how I feel. I put up a front, but in actuality I am feeling totally devastated, and want to be left alone. The lonliness of this feeling, however, is deadly to me. I feel so alone, and like I was destined to be this way. The weekend seems like an endless deep dark hole I have to be in. I am going through a really bad time right now. I like to just knock my self out so I don't think. I have no motivation to do anything. I can't think of anyone to call because if I do I have to pretend I'm ok and all happy.

P.S. got a pet?

I 'm done with putting up a good front for others.

especially grocery store clerks that are rude. Hold the door for someone don't even get a thank you. people who are so rude-cut in lines park in handicap spots when they are not. I use to be a big people person. I musta had blinders on cause now i see how much they suck.

I just went through vocational rehab for work adjustment and in there report at the end they said i had 98percent show up . lmao they dont even know math. it was 30 days and i missed 2 and a half days.

I may be bipolar or major depresive but at least know math. i've been out of work since jan 2007. i am going to try and get disability - miss 2 days out of 30 in a prt time job -good luck holding that job. I just hope we don't loose our house and vehicle in the time it takes to get it.

I just awoke from a 3 day sleep. I miss company too but it has to be the right kinda company.

It's not u thats crazy it's the rest of the people in the world.