If I feel like I am about to have an Anxiety attack - going into the bathroom and running ice cold water over my wrists slows down my heart beat and helps me regain control of my breathing so I can calm myself down. If you are are home- Rub ice from your inner elbows down to your wrists. It is amazing how much this helps.
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Cold water activates your dive reflex. Particularly if you splash cold water on your face. Your body slows your heart rate as it temporarily thinks you are under water, and anticipates that you need to be able to take in less oxygen to stay alive.

Omg so true! When I was high, I started feeling really dizzy and all I was hearing was ringing in my head, massive headache/headrush like vertigo. It was awful! I was about to faint... So I went to the kitchen and took 2 ice cubes from the freezer, then headed to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and held the 2 ice cubes really tight. It really helped me calm down. I was high but I usually don't feel like that... No idea but ice cold water anything that's really cold really helps.

Nice tip

O my gosh thank you so much!!! :o

your welcome Caroline <3 I hope it helps. My sister was having a really bad one a few days ago so when she called me I made her do it and it actually worked so I wanted to share. She is also battling addiction - she told me yesterday that she wanted to use so badly two days ago and couldn't control it because it induces panic- so she took an ice cold shower and just laid there until the urges subsided enough for her to sleep.
You should look up some holistic ways to battling our "craziness" ;)
I have found a good mix of Apple Cider Vinegar pills, Magnesium Citrate, Ginkgo, and liquid Vitamin B have made a HUGE impact on supporting my medicine.