I was feeling a little better for a few days. I even spent time with some friends that I haven't seen in forever. It was great. But tonight the dark thoughts are back and they are drowning more then ever. I'm scared I might hurt myself again. I don't want this.
TooLateForEdelweiss TooLateForEdelweiss
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

what good would come from hurting yourself? the pain would not stop the train of thoughts? Why dont you talk to someone, a stranger who is far far away, share your thought with that person, explore there life, listen to there story. if you dont have the courage to talk then go sit by the window look outside, see the stars if its night or the clouds if its day, look at how beautiful the sky is and try to find a flaw in it.

Please don't hurt yourself. Please call someone or go for a walk or do something for 5 minutes and give yourself a chance to change your mind. I hope you can stay connected to your friends (depression can be so isolating) but please just try to keep going even if its 5 minutes at a time.