Vented to my mom about my doctor not refilling my meds. I'm bipolar depressive. Told her I felt horrible... She said it's all in my head. Nothing wrong with me. Just grow up you'll b fine. Wtf. What kind of support is that.
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Not good support at all. But please, don't get too angry with her. I've come to realize that the stigma around mental disorder in general to be pretty in everywhere. It's hard for others to understand how it feels to be, you know, us....this. I'm sure your mom didn't mean to sound so insensitive. Did she?

No she didn't. But I got mad... But that is also side affect of no meds

Dude why the **** didn't your doc top you off on pills?

I have no idea. I've waited 6 days. Called AGAIN today.. Said he wasn't going to. Didn say y. I told nurses to have him call me. He didn't. I'm doctor hunt 2moro. I feel really ******

Would you mind if I inboxed you a question regarding medication?


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I know depression and anxiety are hard to fight I have both and ADHD and life can be hard but trust me from experience medicine doesn't help it makes it worse or atleast prescription meds do you just have to keep a positive mindset no matter how hard things get if you stay positive you'll start to see your life change for the better life is what you make of it there are some outliers but if you have a positive mindset you'll have a positive life if you have a negative mindset you'll have a negative one depression is hard but it can be beaten :) best of luck

That's no good. I have Schizoaffective disorder and there have been times when I haven't had my meds and it's tough. Maybe it's time to get a new doctor?

I even asked the nurses to tell doc to call me. Talk to him n find what's up. Diddn call. I'm getting my med records tommorrow from him. I already picked new doc... I'm already withdrawal from it. Feel horrible.. I just hope new doc can get me in ASAP. Hope he hears y and has me come in quick

Im sorry your mom said that. Its not all in your head. Its hard not having your meds. Im bipolar and been there. Just try and hang in there.