Anxiety That Triggers Depression

I have been dealing with depression for a pretty long time.. my mother has it my grandfather had it.. its just passed down.. as I got older I realized I had pretty bad anxiety as well.. 

My anxiety tends to make me think irrational bad thoughts which in turn trigger my depression to flare.. and it sucks.. like I have this boyfriend he is amazing and sweet and everything.. well we are in a long distance relationship.. so we text a lot.. if he doesn't text me back I automatically go to somethings wrong.. hes mad at me or wants to break up or something of the sort.. even though I know thats not true.. I have to be reassured and if I'm not I want to break down.. I just lie in bed not able to sleep and it sucks..

I don't know how to balance myself so I don't get like that..

krisg04 krisg04
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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

yeah.. I have thought about being on medication but I just don't know

You're right.. we just have to keep going..

I know all too well what you're going through.<br />
I constantly get feelings that something bad is about to happen.<br />
<br />
If my Wife doesn't answer her Cell I start to think she's ignoring me and the Demons start in on me.<br />
I have to keep reassuring myself that everything is OK.<br />
<br />
When the Phone rings and it's a number I don't know I get scared to answer thinking it's bad news.<br />
<br />
About 2 Years ago I was injured at work and ever since I have the constant feeling I'm going to lose everything at any moment.<br />
<br />
Before I was injured I was happy go lucky and life was something I looked forward to.<br />
Now I wake to a twisted Stomach thinking that Today is the Day it's going to happen.<br />
What's going to happen? Nothing...<br />
But that's the monsters I'm dealing with and it's a Daily battle that I must win.<br />
<br />
I guess it's like the line from Finding Nemo "Just Keep Swimming"<br />
We have to keep fighting and take it one Day at a Time.