Living In Michigan...

I have suffered from depression all of my life, and living in Michigan doesn't help matters much.  Michigan is a beautiful State don't get me wrong, but our economy is one of the worse.  I am stuck living at my Grandma's house without a job or insurance.  I have tried to get insurance through the state but I have been turned down every time.  I have tried to find a job thinking that maybe that could help, but there aren't any jobs out here.  Everyday it is harder to get out of bed and I honestly don't know what I can do.  I am stuck in a hole and there doesn't seem to be anyway to dig myself out of this.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who understands me and always supports me, but I know that if I continue on like this he might move on to someone else.  

I just prey everyday that a miracle will happen...

Rowan06 Rowan06
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I'm unemploied right now to. I have filed for unemployment but I don't know if I'll get it yet and If I don't I might lose my place and I don't have any were to go but my dads and his home is not a healthy place. I have a drinking problem and its hard not just giving in to it. Drinking is all my dad douse. I just thought I would say hi and I feel! I feel ur pain.

Sometimes a Miracle needs a push! Seek on out and find what can change your life for the better! <br />
I lived in Michigan till this past year I moved to Indy not that its perfect or where I want to stay it helped a lot I have job and a purpose <br />
I hope you find that reason to get out of bed!