First Counseling Session

I had my very first counselling session today

i was so sickeningly terrified, but i did it and i feel better already :)

of course, not 'fixed' or however you would put it

but better. So i'm signed up for a session every friday.

cookiemonsterlove cookiemonsterlove
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3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

thank you guys so much for the support :)<br />
sometimes i think about not going, but i know it's best for me and for everyone else if i go. <br />
i think this past session was my third (bad memory) and it was pretty cool; i did some breathing exercises for me anxiety. I can't get myself to tell my counselor that i have frequent thoughts of harming myself and come very close to it. did you have a problem like this?

It is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Write down this week what you would like to talk to the therapist about. Write how last week's session went. Do this every week so that you can see the different things that will be happening in you.<br />
Sometimes I just hated my therapist, but I kept going and got past it. I usually hated it because I would cry and back then I was never allowed to cry, a sign of weakness. Some sessions I would spend just crying about all of the abuse put upon me. <br />
Eventually, I learned to love myself. I also knew when it was time for me to go on without her. It took 5 years. I miss her and pray for her. What she gave me was something that no one else had given me, unconditional love. <br />
<br />

I recently started to see a counselor every Friday to. I really hope it is going to help "fix" me.