Still Anxious

Anxiety, is something that have been with me as far as I can remember.  I think that it has shaped my life for the worse.  I associate my anxiety with always being in a hurry for everything I wanted to start things before I got the complete instructions on how to do and ended up frustrated which made me more anxious and that made me want to do things even faster which made me even more frustrated and anxious.  I know that is wrong but I need the tools to deal with it.  During the last eight months I spiraled down into a depression and to get matters worse my anxiety became extreme.  By the time I got to the psychiatrist I was desperate.

He prescribed me medication for both depression and anxiety, but I am still the same I feel the same I act the same and that is not an improvement.  I beginning to feel as desperate as I was almost 6 weeks ago because when I go to work I have the same feelings and I get as anxious as before.  I know that a pill will not solve my problem and that therapy can help me but what if it doesn't? 

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I am so sorry you are caught in this. I have been there. I did meds, but you have to stay on them. I then did cognitive therapy, any book by Dr. David Burns will help you. <br />
I know that downward spiral so well. One thing that helps is that I tell myself that as long as I sit and do nothing but think that way, it will continue. So I have trained myself to get up and do ANYTHING to stay busy and distracted. It is SO hard to do at first, but after a while you get used to it. It takes 21 days to establish a habit, make that your habit staring today!<br />
I agree with the other person, keep a journal. My therapist had me write three things in my journal every day:<br />
1. Write something good that happened that day (one day I couldn't think of anything so I wrote that I don't have a unibrow :-)<br />
2. Exercise for at least 20 minutes. Start small and build it.<br />
3. Write down a negative thought, recognize the distortion (this is cognitive therapy) and rewrite the thought with what you know FOR SURE.<br />
<br />
I hope this helps. And know that you are not alone, and that it takes work, but you can beat this!

my sister suffered from the same symptoms she would freak out at the littlest things! she has also taken meds for depression and anxiety, the medicine alone didn't help her. she tried many things but it wasn't the meds that helped her she found something else that works for her actually 3 things. She takes Yoga, karate and she meditates all these involve deep breathing or controling your breathing. She says the Yoga helps her relax and stretch she says it makes her feel really good when she is finished. the karate has helped her with the need to rush thru everything. because karate is so physical, she is able to work out her frustration and says she feels a sense of relief at the end of the class. the meditation since it can be done anywhere is useful throughout her day. when she feels the anxiety or the frustration creeping up on her she says she heads to a quiet place like the bathroom and meditates till it passes. Sounds alittle strange but it keeps her busy doing things that require concentration, relaxation and self control. i work with her everyday and I can tell you she is a different person. She said it took great dedication on her part, to make it to her classes and she said with each class it got easier to to handle everyday frustrations. I can tell you she doesn't freak out so much anymore that's for sure. you should try one of them maybe it will work for you.