Run B4 Walk, Red Face When Talk N' Bipolar Ever After

 Look at that title, bursting is it not? No it's not. I am bursting - and it isn't with confidence but it is without a care in the world (thanx boy meets girl, i <3 80s). I am a boy. Probably a baby @ heart but still beating off in my tight squeeze shower. The latter bit was a lie. Depressed, anxious know-it-all's know better than to give in to a natural desire. Suffering! Yes. Artists! Yes. Musicians and writers galore with their black books and chizzle skinny cheeks. Sorry.

As the title suggests, I was a real go getter as a baby - juice drinker... that means my immune system is to die for! Kick started my life with soccer tricks, I shot a really great goal many times! Great fun! Sarc Narc nincompoop. I hate myself as much as baby talk right now so excuse the written outpour of rubbish unless you want to put your money where haha (no its not going to be mouth, but...) fingertips? Yes, please money would make me happy - I am english and young and willing to swallow prozac or valium or whatever I need to feel the need to live like a drunk fool in sober shoes again // get me?

Sorry 4 da second time. So so scattered. I am depressed - trust me. Manic? Maybe. Everywhere and nowhere at once... defs. Yes. No. Um... what was the the question again? Haha I don't even like being funny, nor serious, or even human! 

Severely struck by humiliation behavior when I was teenage - college, school, name-calling isn't nice... I'd rather have been knocked senseless and never found out why my defense mechanism (red face) was blocking my 'hidden talent' from entering the equation. Writing my friends... but in between getting over looking like a tomato all the time (thankfully over that) and making pretty poetry stories for none but me to see (thats not to say they aren't good $£ plz) - I... I got diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

@ 16 I saw my sista get axed apart by our next-door neighbor... in my mind. Could it be?! A boy get so scared by his own, his own... self? I blame X-Files and still do (but thats only because movie no.2 was gay) - I also thought I knew what people were saying next and tried copying what they were going to say next... like the ending of There Will Be Blood where Day-Lewis is having a spat with the priest preacher thing.

5 years on. Nothing changes. People get sick and in doing so a mood will oscillate - change for the worse but better itself... only for it to worsen again: Great. :[ Tengo muy problemos ATM but I might make a lot of money 1 day when I decide to use my imagination in a productive manner.

1 word of advice if I may - Listen... hardly and don't do it literally.

Stay sane, go crazy... come back crying and laughing so hard you forget why you were in the first place.

Matthew Brookes - that last bit isn't copyrighted so if ur a great artist... steal it and use it in a screenplay... I would (I might be already) (Lets race) (see you in court then?) NOT FUNNY 

Mar 22, 2009