I've been dealing with clinical depression since I was a youth. I recognized it when I was 19 and became suicidal. It took about 7 years to properly get diagnosed, for the therapy and medication [prozac] to work properly.

I'm now able to say that with the medical help I've recieved I'm a very happy woman. I'm in control of my life, and I know the ups and downs happen, but that doesn't stop me from forever never giving up and working towards bettering my life everyday.

I even help other friends that I come across or ones that I already know whom are battling with this devestating illness.

I'll offer you any support, words of wisdom or advice I can because I've been through it, and can tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Never give up.


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1 Response May 5, 2009

Esclavo, I just want to say that Im really happy to hear of your recovery from depression and your outlook on life is amazing. I totally agree with you. If you ever want to chat Im always available ;] I won't judge you because I just don't believe in it, and you have every right to express your true self and have all the experiences that you need to in this life time. And if there are certain things sexually that make you happy then you should feel completely free to explore this part of your sexuality. Take care & God bless ;)