I have battled depression since I was 24 years old, that makes it 16 years that I have had depression. I am in a pretty depressed mood right now because I am experiencing bizarre symptoms that relate to MS, going to neurologist on Tuesday. I also lost my job recently because this guy i worked with was sexually harrassing me for over a year, so i turned him in. My boss said he  did not believe me even though I had 4 witnesses and put me on a 90 day probation. When I said it was against the law to demote the victim and I was going to seek councel, I was fired. Anywho, a little about me.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Sorry about your problems, know that your case would be winner for a good lawyer? There are very good ones out there, and it will cost you nothing to present your case. In our economy, nobody should take this kind of abuse without legal action. You are entitled to it.<br />