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HI, well i don't know where to start. But i was a pretty healthy girl besides growing up with some panic attacks and weight fluctuations from a rough childhood. I am now 23. Since around turning 20 i started getting dizzy issues. At age 21 a year later i was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia. I had just finished school for dental assisting and got a job. With long hours and more problems of weakness and fatigue which always thought it was my blood sugar i suffered a lot and could barely get through my 9-12 work days. I had to quit. So my doc wasn't sure of what was going on and did some blood work which showed a positive ANA. So i went to a rheumatologist and now diagnosed with Fibro after 3 visits and lots of blood work! Oh my i don't know where to anxiety has gotten so bad! Dealing with that and low blood sugar my weight has gone up 60 pounds in 3 years. I eat relatively good and yes i don't get as much acitivity because i can't work and never feel good. Some days i'm afraid i'm dying:(. Fibro symtoms can be so bad! I live in mid west so we get snow and cold weather. this winter i was in ER i was so shaky and weak my muscles felt as if they were clenching inside my body. Lasted a few good days and just terrible weakness on and off and hands, feet feeling swollen but don't look it. Constant muscle aches and spams. Feeling short of breath and skin crawling feelings on my skin and skin feels like rug burn all over? Also extrememe hot flashes. Then depression and anxiety kicks in and i can barely get through the day.Hard to even clean the house, grocery shop, attend fam functions ect. I get so tired so fast or get dizzy and weak. My husband says i overdue it. But being home i had sitting around i feel useless so i try to keep my mind as busy as i can. I am scared with meds and so sensitive to a lot of medications. And have had so many reactions i don't want to take anything anymore! I do take Vitamin D for low d. And prevacid 30mg one time a day for GERD, Multi and zyrtec as needed for allergies. I was prescribed a beta blocker for dizzy migranes i get but i don't even want to take that. I suffer from horrible periods( that fibro flares up so bad around that time of month) which my gyno found out if have insulin resistance. They don't understand because i have low sugar not high. I will be seeing a specialist in feb. I'm a mess, young and stressed. I have lost friends because i never feel good. I'm now afraid to go anywhere alone. I stay home. Unless i'm out with anyone. I don't understand its not what i want at all. I think i'm just so tired of people judging me because they think what i'm going though is no big deal. And embarrassed from my weight gain. I feel hopeless and bad i can't work to help my husband. I have no sex drive. Constantly tired. And oh jeez these weird sleep disturbances i have been getting. I start to drift off and ill get these tingle rushes through my body or i jerk awake n body feels like a brick. It scares me to death. Doc said maybe fibro related? I am starting to get real serious about my diet. Day one today lol. Going to eat as natural as i can and anti inflammatory foods! I also will be starting phys therapy for fibro. But nervous. I had a massage recently and my body hurt so bad the next day! Even into my chest. I could keep going on but just felt like maybe someone would know where i'm coming from. I talk to friends and fam and i feel like they are tired of hearing it and just tune me out now:( All i hear is your young nothing is wrong or just get a job and get on with your life. That will make you better. You have to think someone else has it so much worse, your not the only one going through things! Its so hurtful because im not trying to get attention n make people feel bad for me. I know people have it so much worse and i pray for them. And don't get me wrong job wise... i want that more than ever but i physically can't! But i am working on starting my own photography business! Im so happy about that. Something for me and i can bring some money in. But not even that its really my passion! well i would like to hear any thoughts, relations or ideas to help me? Thanks all!
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Wow your symptoms are exactly like mine. I'm so sorry your going through this. It isn't mentioned that often but the crazy burning sensation is insane feeling! I have bladder pain, crawly feeling, itching everywhere, nose runs, eyes are very dry, hair loss, numbness and tingling. Legs are so painful hard to do stuff. It always feels like someone is pulling on my hair, and as though someone has shoved a pole up my back. I am very weak, my muscles too twitch, and have horrible spasms where I yell out in a row do to the pain with out meaning to. My body is so heavy, I shake too especially when I'm doing Physio. I sweat so bad out of nowhere so my armpits are not pleasant. I have crazy insomnia, very bad detailed dreams when I do fall asleep. Then can't get up out of such heaviness and I want to move but my body won't allow me feels like a body stone but one that also is full of pain, like a tree growing all through my body. My ears ring like crazy and the migraines are horrific and last forever. I'm often nauseated do to the sensations and pain and vomit often. Migraines also cause me to vomit. Anyway you are not alone. It's crazy how the symptoms are so strange and yet are connecting to the same thing. You made me feel better hearing your story since your symptoms are so similar to mine. I'm sorry you have to deal with your hypoglycemia on top of this all. I can't imagine. I have crazy guilt not being able to cook or clean at all or properly. I too took a 4 year degree then had to quit. Thanks for your post. Take one day at a time. Stretching although in so much pain it is so hard to do and so tired. May help you a bit. Sorry you can't take meds. Take care.

I can relate to so much of what your saying. One of the crazy parts of it all is the way we feel always change. There really seems to be no one who understand, not even Dr's, unless the person has it themselves. The pain has decreased for me, I think more with time than anything else. I still horribly struggle with the chronic fatigue & depression. I am on disability, but it's not how I want to live. Sorry I don't have any answers for you, but you are not alone and there are many of us out there who care. I belong to a support group that helps a lot. Sometimes there at hospitals, mental health clinics, etc. Calling United Way might be a way to see if there are any in your area. Take Care, WM

I am in the same boat, I have cut off my own family members (which hurts so much) just so I dont have to deal with the negativity and the judgment. Make sure your doctors are checking you for other conditions, my Rheumatologist is testing me for RA as well as Lupus, they all have similar symptoms. Iv been dealing with this for about 3 years now, thinking I was alone, im happy to see im not, and if there is any way that we can talk more that would be great

Yes my doc has done batches of bloodwork. I do have inflamation in my body. But not extreme. He keeps me following up to make sure ts nothing else. I also had a brain mri. No signs of ms.but I di say I'm hesitant sometimes with ny diagnosis considering not all docs know well of this . Makes u think is this really what's going on? Today bad cramps in my legs and hands. Hands feel swollen but they dint look like it!? So weird. I'm ready for bed again though I just got up:/

I feel the same way, Im about to get a new Rhematologist just to see if I get the same diagnosis. I have been on so many different medications for the pain and for sleeping and nothing works. I just started a new treament that will take 6 months to start seeing a difference. Its amazing how many issues actually go along with FM, if thats what it really is.

I know. That's so true. Though all my issues may not be life threatning. Dosnt mean I dont feel miserable....some don't understand. I hate how just getting a cold or any sickness feels 10times worse then what it would feel to a normal person!:/

And some meds I feel make u feel worse. My sisterin law has fibro n is on a bag full of meds that make her worse. I'd rather take nothing if that's the case! I dont have good luck with meds so I'm hesitant. But deff working in stretching every morning and changing my diet! Foods can be amazing help if your willing to try. I'm going too and pray I can stick to it enough to see a result!

I know and it feels like noone ever understands. I dont know about you but I know that when Im getting and have my "period" my symptoms are 100 times worse (my "period" cramps were never that bad before). I used to tolerate pain before, this pain is totally different.

Yes iv been reading alot about food sensitivities and FM flare ups, and how the 2 go hand in hand. I personally will be going to the Allergist next week to request a Food Sensitivity Test. Its amazing how young we are with so many issues. Age has nothing to do with disease/illness.

Oh girl do i know what your saying about periods! Right before i get mine i get over emotional, horrible dizzy spells, pain and once it starts all that continues! Im down on my periods i can't function its very hard on my body:( I also have low blood sugar so that gets worse around then as well! I hope you have good luck at the allergist! I know it really sucks being so young and going through this crap! But we will get through it!!:) I do someday's feel like i never will...but have to be positive!

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