I Wait Endlessly

It's been 6 years now since i moved into a new city from my native place, the place I grew up in. Studied, worked , loved, lost and many more things. I have beauitful memories attached to this place. Its special to me because i shared wonderful times with my family. My parents and siblings.  I am a mature woman now, unmarried. but I still feel like a 25 year old. The fact is I have been unable to forget that city, which has given me a lot. I cannot move back as I have responsibilites here in this new place where i live with my dad. he is old and not in good health so I cannot move back leaving him alone here and he not in a position to move with me as that would mean starting from scratch to make a living.   I find myself dreaming about going back and living a contented life. the fact is I just cannot accept this new place, it's people, places, way of life, so stakingly different from my place. Just going on mecahnically in life. Work and home is all my life revolves around.

aamia aamia
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Thank God for the Internet, where we can distract ourselves from all of our pain. I hope you do what it takes to find happiness, even if it just means to smile and accept what you cannot change for now... and buy yourself a special treat at the store.

Home is where the heart is.