I  do on a daily basis search for a reason to go on living.the past 2 years or so my health has taken a drastic turn for the worse.The more disabled and limited I become the more depressed I get. I am already on max dosage for my depression meds and it probably does not help taking 8 10/325s plus r2 other narcotic  pain pills and a muscle relaxer along with other meds.

I feel useless and worthless.However I make myself get up every day eith the hope that someday by still being on earth, I might be able to help someone else.
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You have a great soul. It doesn't give up and it isn't selfish. You honour life.

SC and Giggles you words have touched my heart.<br />
Thank You both so much for the understanding and support, it gives me strength for tomorrow.<br />
<br />

I agree with Miss SC, your post blessed me. I have always believed we make our own happiness and I "choose" each day when I get up to put aside my woes and illness and make an effort to bring a bit of love and sunshine into someonelse's life. Kudos to you. Love and light be yours today and ever after....

You are VERY welcome.

I appreciate these comments more then you know.

I have 2 sons who battle depression and more. I know how difficult it is. Sometimes, meds can help but our experience has been they need tweaking from time-to-time and, while they do not eliminate depression, they do help.<br />
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I believe, and hope, that EP can be helpful for you. It's a good source for venting, making statements about any topic, and corresponding with folks who are like-minded or not from around the globe. Consider me your friend and feel free to write anything anytime.

Hold in there. It's remarkable that through your own pain you have the drive to want to help others. That shows great stregnth and a wonderful caring personality. You have a calling within yourself. Use it! I hope you can heal in the process of helping.