The Chicken And Egg Conundrum

I have had all the symptoms and behaviours of depression since my early teens or even earlier.When it lasts this long ( more than 30 years) ,it is such a badly tangled knot of memories and interconnected causes and repercussions ,that it becomes hard to know where to start, treatment wise, but the imprecise nature of pharmaceutical treatment combined with an imprecise knowledge of the underlying causes of my depression ,mean that often the medications 'muddy' any conclusions regarding best treatment options because the very treatment options are contributing to the underlying maladies.
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I'm to the point of giving in to my depression. No treatment, no medication, no therapy has ever helped one bit, and I can't bear the notion of living the rest of my life- what few years are left- feeling like this all the time. I know how you feel; I can remember feeling depressed (and of course not knowing what it was then) when I was only FOUR YEARS OLD. I would end it all right now if I had a foolproof method and knew I wouldn't screw that up like I have everything else in 55 years and become a turnip with my wife having to wipe my butt until I finally die.

I hear you. I am 40 now - I believe depression started in my childhood. Over the last 15 years I worked off and on with a therapist to untangle it. I always wanted to leave and many times I left therapy only to discover that I am caught in another cycle of pain and stagnation as before. I am very thankful to my therapist that she didn't let me leave half of the times. It will be much less painful and your progress will be faster if you work one-on-one. After that group will be a good choice. You need someone to reflect and evaluate your feeling about issues in your life. It has to be a professional whom you trust - please take time to find one who appreciates you and with whom you can feel genuine connection.

thanks rmblond,i will check it out.

I too struggle with depression. I recently discovered a group called "Recovery Inc". They have meetings everywhere, and are comprised of people who struggle with some emotional problem.<br />
They use behavioral techniques developed by a psychiatrist, Dr. Lowe, to combat their symptoms.<br />
There are meetings everywhere, you might want to check it out.<br />
<br />
Either way, good luck on your journey.