Loosing My Dad

So today i lost my daddy,it ******* sucks. The only thing i can do right now is drink beer after beer. I'm still in shock, i think hes gonna ring me and itll all just be a bad dream. My daddy was strong,fought in wars,saw stuff you could never imagine and most of all fought away my demons.He cant just be gone like that,slipped away with the blink of an eye. We didnt even see it coming one minute he was alive,the next hes in hospital having a fatal heart attack. I'd give anything to have him back even if that meant giving up my own life.He'll never give me a hug again,never share a *** with me on cold mornings in the garden,never laugh at me as i stagger home drunk throwing up in the garden,never to tell me ill be okay again. I cant live without my daddy,im half of him and ill never get that half of me back.Why was he stolen from me?He never did no wrong and this is what his fate became,i'll never forget you daddy,and as each hour passes into the night ill think of you up there with your pint and hope you have had the time of your life! RIP my best friend!
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Jan 11, 2013