Life On Planet Limbo Chapter I

                 Have you ever awaken one day, and realized today is the same as yesterday? As you sit on the edge of your bed, you mind wanders towards a distant future that is no longer in your grasp. There you are, a young man who is at an age in which he is suppose to go off and discover a future for himself. And yet, you remain behind…hands gripping the sheets as you fight back the tears. You begin to ask yourself, “why?” Why did I have to become a father at 19? Why did I have to skip out on that first year of college, and just to be forced to drive past it, every day, and see a life that should have been yours, yet you left it all behind.

                 Sometime, you’ve discovered that the grass may be greener on the other side, but you know it’s just as green on your side, but you refuse to look, so that you may continue to be consumed by the abyss to fuel your self pity and plans of escape. And now you walk to the bathroom, staring into the mirror. Take a good look at yourself. Every inch of your face, the lines around your eyes, the sense of age and wisdom that forms your cheeks. Yes, this is you. An image you’ll never recognize no matter how many times you stare at it.

                Now, you begin your typical, trivial tasks throughout the day

  • Wake up

  • Take a shower

  • Deodorant

  •  Sit in the chair

  • Watch reruns of ‘That 70’s Show’

  • Eat

  • Stare at the ceiling

  • Hate yourself, your life, and a God if you have the energy to pick one.

  • Go to work

  • Come home

  • Sleep

  • Repeat

                 This is your life now, no more fun. No more parties, no more friends. No longer will be able to blame “being young” as an excuse to the actions of your life. You’re forced to grow up, to be an adult. By the time you reach 24, the average age students complete college to the fullest of there desires, you’ve already have been pushing the pavement, loosing an oz of respect for yourself as you go through the days, to the point where you are about to crack, but for the sake of your new family, you live by the motto, “You push on because you must, there is no longer a road less travelled”.

                 The only fun you seem to have is looking on the internet at work and smiling after reading articles about people whose lives are worse then yours. Only then, will you feel justification of why things are the way they are….So this is a typical day…please, here my story…know that I doubt it’ll be published in some book…and I doubt I’ll be remembered as a motivational person, whose story inspired a generation to raise 10,000 fists…but at least I can say this…once upon a time, there lived a man. This man was nothing special, nothing superior. He couldn’t bench press a car…and can’t run a marathon, but he can do one thing…use his story, to change anothers.


Story I’m writing, based on my personal life. I hope this is motivational for someone. Join my circle and each new chapter will be put in my blog. Thanks, comment this, message me, whatever, let me know how this has impact you, how you like/dislike, tell me I’m emo and need to shut up hahaha! Any type of feed back. Thank you for reading : )

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3 Responses May 2, 2010

your hard on your self for young guy! nothing bad lasts forever and find something u love and work at it and you can be what you want to be! and you will inspire your family, i know its easier said then done but got keep movin!

Well I'm glad to hear my story is very relatible to you. I hope this will be able to give you some comfort in knowing you arent the only one. And as my story goes on, I hope it helps you out. I hope you, and others, are interested in it.

Wow. I'm not even sure if I wrote this or not because it's pretty much verbatim of how I feel almost Like the quote says, most men lead lives of quiet desperation.