Ok, so I do go through depression everyday... weather it has something to do about one thing. Or it has something to do about another thing. I never some how can get it out of mind. But I've gotten it off my mind so far for quite a while. And sometimes it comes back, I mean I'll go back and think of certain things in the past and you know I'll get really depressed about it. Or I'll think of something that could happen and start getting really mad and start slamming doors and hitting walls. But the truth is, I try to avoid it, every chance I get. I do it all the time. But sometimes I really can't escape madness, and then that's the time when I have to get god to help me through it. And you know what, he is the only person who has gotten me through everything. He's gotten me through the people making fun of me, the family going crazy, the friends getting mad and all the people who have died that I've cared for. He is the one that got me through it. But I still feel the need to cry sometimes, the only thing I can say is..... think of god when you get really depressed, if you truly believe in him, then he will help you. I've herd his voice so many times in my heart. And he can help you to!
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Jun 23, 2010