From Heaven's Point Of View

Many time's in my battle with depression I find myself at my lowest point, today was one of those day's. It is at that time when I am alone that somtime's somthing will come to my mind. A little while ago it hit my mind what he was whispering in my ear all day. And I went to my music collection and played this song. My battle is far from over but I felt that he was with me. So I give you the word's to this song and maybe they will bring a little peace to you.

Today I face a mountain
That I have no strenght to climb
For the struggle of this journey's left me weak
Both in body and in mind
Where I stand to the peak
Is a distance on my own I cannot reach
So this journey of a thousand step's
Begin's right here on my knee's

I may face thing's tomorrow
I cant comprehend today
Circumstance's so uncertain
Make's it hard to find the strenght to pray
But I'm living on the promise
I'll never leave you
I will alway's see you through
So what's this mountain to an eagle flying high
From heaven's point of view

Soon I'll soar like an eagle
High on wing's of grace
Far into the heaven's
Where I can almost see God's face
Rising in his splendor
To height's I never knew
What once looked like a mountain's just a hill
From heaven's point of view
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
5 Responses Jul 13, 2010

wow!! thank you for these lovely words!

What you thought was a far off dream now is a reality, you soared above that mountain a long time ago.

To Robert and me2plz, I believe that we are all in agreement in our knowledge of whom to turn ,whether it's to seek comfort in hard times or give thanks when times are good.

I have come through some really hard times in my life that have left me feeling so empty and alone. But when I sit back and really look at it I know that God has carried me to the other side. I met the lady who wrote the Footprints Poem and She inspired me so much by her story and the story behind the poem. God is great he can be found anytiime and we just need to seek him out even in the times we feel so alone.

Hi Robert, Those words are beautiful and have much meaning, however depending on the person, who reads or hears them it would mean different things, If you take comfort from these words then<br />
it's wonderful.Being ill is bad enough but experiencing depression and anxiety too can make your life miserable, I know you know all this, I'm doing my best to think of some helpful words, but all I can say is that I'm always glad to hear from you if you want to talk about it. God Bless You