A Never Ending Battle

The Spark that used to glow, has been put out by the storm of life.
The Glow that used to radiate, is nonexistent.
The Future that was visible, is now a black hole.
The people I thought I knew, turned out to be strangers from another world.

Its hard to use my eyes, when my only reality is in my head.
Its hard to use my heart , when my body feels lifeless.
Its hard to enjoy life, when all I think about is death.

How can I win the war?  If I continue to loose every battle?


Gentlestar Gentlestar
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I know exactly where you're coming from - I felt the same way 6 months ago. Depression is our mind/body/soul's natural reaction in a lot of cases - Traumatic events, long term stress, or even an unfulfilling/unwanted life can cause it. It's normal and natural to get depressed - the problem is when it lingers for a long time. <br />
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Sometimes we need to fall low before we can gain the "need" to change our lives. I fell about as low as a person can fall, and then like a phoenix my life changed. I rose from the ashes of a broken past and started taking charge of my own destiny. My point is that no matter how low you fall, there's always a way back up.<br />
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When you get depressed, that's your soul's way of telling you that something's wrong. You can medicate it, ignore it, take drugs to dull it, you can even try to f--- it away - but it'll stay with you until you fix the 'something wrong' that it was telling you about.

hi gentlestar.. don't give up. Keep on fighting. Along the way, you'll learn things that will make you win your battle. I've been fighting my own battle too, i lost many but because of those, lately I'm winning coz i learned. It's not that easy but when you keep on trying, for sure you'll win and even make you a better person. Hold on to faith. :)