With the stories I've posted from being backstabbed, cheated on, abused etc, it explains why I suffer from depression today.
Sadly, I noticed a strong connection between my insomnia and depression. Even when I feel like I can get a nap in, the nightmares I am bound to run into just aren't worth it.

Memories of what has caused this depression suffocates me. The memories are especially more overwhelming when I hear a name, see an action, or read a statement that reminds me of what has happened in my past. It's almost like quicksand, as soon as that thought enters my head, a downwards slope begins and it reminds me of different times in my life, in turn making me drown faster in the quicksand of depression.

Lately I've been getting better at climbing my way out of the quicksand, usually by occupying my self with something entertaining, such as a good movie, book or console game. Whilst I am only 20, I know I have a long road ahead of me, with a lot of obstructions in my path that will knock me down. I hope I continue to get stronger to fight off this depression.
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im 19 and insomnia in my opinion is one of the worst parts of depression. because u can hide ur depression inside but its so hard to function like a normal person when ur awake for days on my opinion. i havent slept in 2 days thats how i came across this website lol

The "black hole" of trauma - I know it well. It's a normal and healthy reaction to abuse or other highly traumatic experience. It sounds like you're starting to come out the other side of the tunnel.

same is me and my life i m so much depressed without life its always in tears but for world i masked myself a happy joker ,but inside i m depressed a lot and want a death or any magic which will remove my hearts pain forever .i talk everytime time like a sweet or a roudy way but my inside is torn and thrown apart.