It's Sad From The Beginning......

From the beginning,  it's the sad story.   In the last night, I told every feeling in my heart to him, "It's a unlucky for us to meet each other, isn't it?"  He said, "yes, I thought about this also.  It's not good from the beginning".
We met through a common friend in a party   half year ago.  He came to me, I have not too much impression on him.  We talked occasionally  in internet chatting and SMS. ( It's really torturing me to write my story.)   Slowly,  I told myself I should open my heart,  so we hung out together, went to every resturant, food stall,  every cinema to watch most of new showing movies.  Time flew.  He told me he had to go home and he has much force on him.  His family will  choose a wife for him.  I can not be with him because of large different culture......
So when the leaving day came,   he went back to his country.  I stay here. 
Since he told me he was looking for job in India.  I told myself not to put emotion on him.  I torture myself from then on.  I tried not to be with him in weekend sometime.  But he just like a magnet.  He is always in my heart.  He is much more strong than me.  

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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Be Strong!!

He said it's destiny. Now I believe that.