Depressed Since I Was A Child

I have suffered with depression since I was 10.  This also was pretty close to the time when I was sexually molested by a teenage girl.  Though I have worked out that part of my life, I still have the depression to deal with.

I currently take Lithium which seems to help.  I have since graduated from therapy, but go about once a year to check in!  Some people just don't understand depression.  Most days I look happy, but maybe inside I am not as happy as I look on the outside.  My husband does not get it at all which makes my life rather frustrating.
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It is frustrating when people don't understand. Especially when they say they do but clearly they don't.<br />
I think this aspect is one of the hardest things that i find-people not understanding. I was 4 when dad used to sexually abuse me.That went on for 2 years. My mother knew-she had walked in on him doing that to me & she never did a thing. She suffered from depression and used to be hospitalised for all my life basically up until she died in 1994. In my school days i used to have depression but it fully got me in my early 20s when i was first hospitalised from depression. It sucks..

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I hope you will be better.

I have graduated from therapy. I go once or twice a year to check on my meds, and if there is anything I may need to talk about. I have a great therapist. It is more of the people in my life that really need to better understand and learn about people like me. <br />
<br />
I am glad that traveling has helped. I am an artist, so that helps me feel better!

It is hard to get my wife more less anyone to understand what is inside of me when the battle rage's. I rarely try to explain anymore. I keep it within me and try to smile. Many time's I just go somplace where I can be alone. I take Mirtazapine 30mg each night at bedtime. I dont alway's know what to say or what to do. People see me but cant see what is inside. I have some good friend's on here with the same battle that I can turn to when needed, and that help's. I get on EP tp keep my mind in another place. Dont overlook these people. I also have a love of southern gospel music and can find peace at time's in the word's of some of the song's. If you feel the need to unload or just talk feel free to message me and I will get back to you asap. God Bless