Heavy On My Mind

So I've been posting here alot lately. Just seems like the appropriate group to do so.

I looked in the mirror and I look like death. The circles under my eyes are so dark it looks like I'm recovering from a punch to the head. My face is pale, well paler than usual. I'm tired, I'm hyper, I'm anxious and I'm stressed. I can't even crack a smile. And all because of one thing on my mind, I didn't think it was weighing this heavily but it is. My body feels like it'll collapse at any moment, I feel like having a mental break down.

I need someone to discuss this with, but I need someone who is familiar enough with me so I don't have to explain or start from the beginning but at the same time can remain impartial. Its hard to find that person right now. I go out, I exercise, I do this and I do that. Yet there is always this 2 ton elephant standing on my shoulders and a constant argument in my head about what I should or shouldn't do about it. I've tried to write in a journal, didn't help.

So what do you do when you have something on your mind that needs attention but are afraid to discuss?
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

With depression I live with that problem almost everyday and it is a battle. My memory play a part in it because at time's I cant remember if I ask about somthing or not and get fussed at for bringing it up again. More often than not, like you it stay's inside me. I guess the best I can offer you is that you have to decide how important getting some kind of an answer is to you. Look through the groups for a situation like or close to your's. You dont have a face on here or have to face anyone on here either so you cant get much more impartial because nobody know's who you are . You just have to decide how much you want an answer. I wish you the best of luck.