Way Too Much Pain To Handle

I didnt know what true depression was until now, ive never lost someone before especially someone I loved so much.
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If it's only been a few days, remember that it's a little early to claim that time doesn't heal all wounds... I know from experience that if you convince yourself that you'll never feel better, you could end up making that come true for yourself. No one's experience is exactly the same, but other people are trying to help you because they know what it's like to lose someone and and are trying to empathize. It's really, really hard, and it will get better, but it does take a while.

Time doesnt heal all wounds. The relationship that had ended 4 days ago I waited for for four and half years. The pain of him leaving and not being with me killed me every single day and now knowing that this time he will NOT be coming back hurts even more.<br />
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Little bit of a back story: the person im talking about is a guy named Sean. We dated for a little over a year almost 6 years ago, high school sweethearts. He had anger issues so his mom decided that he needed to go into treatment, it was suppose to last 6 weeks, it ended up lasted 4 1/2 years. Before he came back home we got back in touch, it started out pretty rough but mellowed out as time went on. a couple months later we decided to kind of try and pick up where we let off, in a sense. He move back to town 2 months later, we had huge ups and downs and in the end, 10 months later, I couldn't take it anymore, we were trying too hard to live in the past. I broke it off with him with some kind of hope of getting back together, we stayed friends, talked every night. A month later, which was like 2 weeks ago, a old friend asked him out and he went for it. For those two weeks, up until 4 days ago, he was torn between the two of us and ended up ending it with me.

I went through something similar recently. In a way, it feels like that person died because their presence in my life no longer exists. It feels like life will never be the same without that person, which is technically true but over time you learn that it's just different and not necessarily worse. As frustrating as it might sound, time does heal it better than anything, along with making a consistent effort to stay busy, interact with people, and have new experiences. It will be okay!

I didn't LOSE someone a long term relationship ended after 6 years. I didnt mean to make it sound like someone died.

To lose someone you love is one of the hardest things to deal with in life. I know the pain and I also have a 17 year old who cant deal with the death of my son and her brother. I do know that it is all a process and healing will come in time. There are stages of greiving and allow yourself to go through them. Have patience with yourself and cry when you need to cry. Talk about the person much and let other know it is ok to talk about them. I am not saying it is going to o.k. for it may never be o.k but we have to learn to accept and live without them until we meet them again. I wish you the best.