Most Poisonous Creature In The World !!!

If you ask me , what is poisonous?   my answer is man.
if you ask me, what is most poisonous in the world ?   I tell you:   it's Indian man.

He can hold you this week  and engaged with a girl next week whom he never met .
what kind of creature is it?    Just to forget me, or ger rid of his depression? 

Indian man is a creature whose life is defined by family.  only love the girl who is assigned by family. and he doesn't feel sad ,  he just thinks that is his life, life should be like this.    What a **** creature.

Now I don't feel pain,  when I write this.  But I know I will feel sad at any moment after this.

I want to delete my memory.   I want to kill myself.  

savannasu savannasu
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

didn't sleep all the night. Can I really pass through this? I was destroyed. I understand everything, <br />
But I can not control. <br />
<br />
It's so pain. I hate myself why I can not control my mind.