I Want To Move On

I can feel myself slipping into it again. I have no energy. I'm constantly irritated by everything. I don't want to see the sun. I want to sleep and sleep and sleep until my body cannot sleep anymore. I feel worthless and stupid and full of regret. I know this is a result of my current situation and situations can be changed but I feel like I'm working hard to change things and it all just stays the same.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I'm sorry you're going through a hard time. I can empathize with your situation since I went through a similar time recently, and I'm entering into another one right now. It's good to get depressed sometimes, it's a healthy and natural part of the giving-up process. It's good that you realize that your situation is the biggest cause of it. <br />
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Also keep in mind that just because we feel like something is true doesn't make it so. You already know that you're not stupid and worthless, though feeling that way is natural right now. As for you feeling like things aren't changing - maybe that's true, or maybe not. You might find it helpful to spend a little time each day noticing the ways in which you make positive changes or positive choices.<br />
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I hope you find your way through the rain and into happiness.

I am slipping into it again too. I want to sleep to avoid seeing my family because they stress me out. I can't concentrate on anything. I don't want to do anything. I am sad and feel alone and I don't think anybody loves me. I am just stuck in my life and things don't change fast enough. It seems that all I have done is make mistakes and all changes that happen are bad ones. I know what you are going through. At least when I am asleep I don't feel lonely.