Please Take The Pain Away, Just Please....

this depression they come and they go however they may please. i wish it would go away for good. it's ruining me inside and out. i can't do anything, let alone move... but i am able to write it all down, writing is the only way for me now. you, you are gone for good. you should be gone for good. why are you still around? why don't you just get the ******* away from here.

why am i always the one you think is lying, you think is not telling the truth? if you cannot forget anything in my past, then i cannot remember every little detail about it. what the ******* is wrong with you?

i cannot stop crying, can god please just take the pain away... just please.... i ******* hate you for making me suffer...
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I think this post may be wasted. Because you may in in a place that I have found myself in. A place where nothing but pain and evil can touch your heart and mind. I read your post and remember writing / feeling the same things. I had journal that I wrote in. I still read it. I used to write and pray to a god that I did not believe in to "Take me home...My head hurts... Take me home...My head hurts...Take me home...PLEASE LET ME DIE then I would sleep or drift off somewhere only to be jolted back into my pain with the violence of a car crash. The pain does not get better, but you do. Things don't get better, they get different. You already know how to live with this. It shapes you. I hope that someday it doesn't hurt so much.

Hi Girlfriend! Boy do I here you! Iwrite down my feelings also. "Sometimes just to write helps... I tried at nd not found understanding.. Am I walking through a valley of "Death"? I don"t think Im that sucidal but I am depressed and sometimes I just wish I would fall... Im realizing how depressing my life is... It"s not a matter of how much the depression is actually affecting my life,nor is it a matter of how everyone "******" me up! **** my life is a mess. Iv"e Lost God" I"m not entirley sure why but he"s...I don"t feel like I belong. I never have. I feel like I was born in the wrong centry. I have a decent husband and a Wonderful Daughter that I love and adore. They the only reason I go on. I really hope that things get better for you. Just take it one day at a time. Just put everything in the past and look forward to the furture.I"m sure you have alot of people who care alot for you. Be good to yourself. Take care.....Anto815