Hi i would like to share with everybody,i have being depress almost for 10 years i stared taking paxil 20 mg i was fine for 7 years and then i refused to increase the mg so i cut back the mg finally after 3 month of struggling i stop taking it i went to the neurology because i CAN"T sleep withouth lorazepan i want something different i being taking trazadone 50 mg i was happy i slept pretty good for a week now suddenly stop working,im going crazy again i fell my depression is back again i dont sleep ,i cry all the time everything frick me put my brain is eating me  i got shrink appt  in 2 week any body can help me out what can i do in the mean time i hate to take pills but right now seems the only way out helping  anyadvice i dont know who deal with this I'm afraid to loose my job ,to much anxiety  anybody would like to give me some advice please
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