I Don't Know What To Feel...

i really don't know how to describe my feelings right now... it's just so painful being me. i wanna say that i am numb, but i am not... it's been hell of a day, now i am failing miserably to make myself happy. this feeling inside me, it's so heavy, it's bringing me down. feels like i could bury myself with all these feelings... i am not angry and i can't cry. i am just sad and depressed, wanting to feel nothing of this is just so difficult. god, please help me now. why do i need to suffer so much in this life...
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thank you....

The sadness is so deep and in every part of your body and you can't really define it. It's tragic to see how many of us go through the same emotions. Yes, things do get better...but when you're down, that can sound like a trite comment.<br />
However, it's the truth. You just need to let the sadness wash over you and then you step into the light. I've come to realise that my emotions are truly on a roller-coaster. I'm up and then down. I've come to accept this and right now I'm on the up cycle which is why this post is sounds hopeful.

I have trouble describing how I feel too. I often don't have a clue. You can message me if you ever like xxx

You are no where near alone with this indescribable (spelling?) feeling. It amazes me to see how many others there are on this forum - when outside I really feel as if I am the only one who feels like this. <br />
If I had a magic message to suddenly heal your pain - I would not hold back in sharing that with you. But I can say - as I am the midst of this dark place too - that you will see the light again. By light I mean everything. The sky is brighter, your body feels lighter, the heavy mood will pass. Until that happens we just need to put one foot in front of the other. Get up, take a shower and go outside. Watch a movie, read a book, write on EP. <br />
I once wrote a post on here about depression feeling like a roller coaster. Although I don't remember the in's and out's of the story - it rings true still today. When your up high and in the flow of life, you can see everyhing so clearly, it's a smooth ride. But when your down, it is so bumpy and painful, darker and blurry. <br />
I wish you the strength to hang on tight and make that climb back into the sunshine...

that's a good quote, i'll remember it and i will fix it, i hope to find my happiness again. thank you.

Life is suffering, and life is joy. Each has it's season, and one doesn't obliterate the other. I know those words don't mean anything - I've been where you are, so I'm fully aware that no words I say will do much for you, it's something you have to climb out of with your own arms. Have you thought about seeing a therapist? I found mine to be invaluable in giving me the strength and guidance to make my climb.<br />
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My favorite depression quote:<br />
"When you get depressed, that's your soul's way of telling you that something's wrong. You can medicate it, ignore it, take drugs to dull it, you can even try to f--- it away - but it'll stay with you until you fix the 'something wrong' that it was telling you about."<br />
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I hope you find your way through the rain and into happiness.