So Alone

I'm so lonely it physically hurts. I really need to chat with someone but I have no one. If anyone wants to contact me on gtalk or aim please let me know.
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22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

im new at this not sure how 2 contact im on facebook @babyblueskelly

Hey, I've been there too... and I know it's so so hard. <br />
It feels like your heart is breaking everyday and nothing can take the pain away. You start to give up completely and stop taking care of yourself... you do nothing but lay in bed day after day and your body starts to ache and you feel like your falling apart...<br />
I would be so happy to talk to you and maybe help you through this if you want.<br />
Just message me on here, or if you have yahoo or msn chat, my email is<br />
I hope you feel eons better soon.<br />
Many blessings to you... Just hang in there...

Hang in there. I might not be a very good helper because of the age difference, but I can say that I've been there. Typical thing in a depressed state. Just remember that it's not real. Being depressed is like having one of those aliens from the spooky sci-fi's that hug your face and takes control over you. It makes you feel things you shouldn't. There is a way out, life can be better. In fact life is better you just don't realize it. Just hang the **** on.