Dew Drops Of Disdain

Counting dew drops of disdain 
The demon inside me 
Has reigned many seasons of pain 

With his instruments of torture 
He brings me to a laborious place 
Where innocence is violently enchained 
And strife forever sure 

Tangled in a web of slow coiling doubt 
Through restless turns and twist 
I have memorized a multitude of routes 

In the blackness weeps angels disturbed 
Their wounded horror 
Has left me with an illness unable to be curved 

Fear embedded in the inmost crease 
The monster's torment has yet to cease 

He's cocooning me in all my lies 
I hate to realize 
What this implies 

Vacant lunges absorb the silence 
Hatred churns and ghastly fangs appear 
He's feasting off my surrendered compliance 
Devouring everything I clutched dear 

The throbbing saturates new perspectives 
All my blood seems to be famished 
As My heart pulses harrowing venom 
I can't help but wish to vanish 

With a sudden gasp of fleeting air 
Ear-splitting thunder provokes things 
I cannot compare 

Without reason the agony subdues 
New born is a darkness 
One absent of Heaven's dues 

(C) 2010
sweetnothingness sweetnothingness
Jul 29, 2010