I'm Pregnant And Just Found Out I'm Bi Polar

Today my boyfriend said to me.  'Why won't you just get out of this house?  All you do is sit in this room all day!'  It hurt me so bad because he doesn't seem to be trying to understand my situation.  I felt embarrassed when he said it because it was the truth.  I know that he said it to hurt me and I just don't understand why he would intentionally do something to hurt me knowing my situation.  I try so hard to keep this condition to myself because people are so quick to judge instead of understand.  And every little thing I let out about myself is later used as ammunition against me during an argument. I hate having to go through this and I feel as if I'm alone in the world.
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Well maybe I wasn't detailed enough. He was more than trying to help. He was intentionally hurtful and it has led to me leaving him. He told me yesterday that he didn't want me and that he never did. And that the only reason he ever got into a relationship with me was because he wanted out of his previous relationship. He said he didn't give a crap about me and that I have done nothing for him our entire relationship. I'm sorry but I am pregnant and suffering from depression. I don't think it's too much to ask for a little bit of understanding. My friends and family have been very patient and have been concerned for my well being. And they are just as 'honest' with me as you say he has been. But for him to stoop so low and to purposefully say things that hurt me is too much.

My brother is the same way. He can be really brutal and harsh but, when I think about it, it's usually because he love me and just wants to shake me out of where I am. It is easy for people to sympathise with us, it's the ones who truly love us who will do whatever it takes - even if it means making us hate them - to get us better.