Life Sucks

I went to college, not two weeks out of high school. My dream was to be a cop. Not the ticket writing *******, but the detective who solved the crime. Worked my butt off to be the best and came up short. I was the best in forensics, the best in crime scene annalsys, the best shot and the best in hand to hand combat. I was the ultimate cop, but I never considered my eyesight. One hour glasses never worked for me. I have to wait a week for new ones. They can't let a cop on the street with eyes as bad as mine. I became a carpenter, not as sexy, but I get to create from what I see in my mind. Poetry is another avenue I use to describe me. I'm different. I know it. Wolves and a coyote are my companions, but there is a girl that is abused out there tonight that I would love to save. I know she is pretty and she just needs to be told. All I can do is ask God to protect her and her babies. Forgive me that I can't.
lonepoet lonepoet
51-55, M
Jul 31, 2010